Where Do You Go To My Lovely
Patience Bradley

At the age of 14 Patience Bradley was whisked away from her life as a horse-mad Belfast teenager to become a model for international fashion magazine Vogue.  
Swapping the tack room for international catwalks she rubbed shoulders with some of the most famous names of the 1970s and ’80s.
As well as modelling Patience was a dancer who performed some of the best known TV shows of the time.
In this frank and honest romp through her life at the top of photographic modelling, Patience draws on a fund of amusing anecdotes about her time in front of the camera in some of the most iconic adverts and TV shows of the era.
Patience lives in Holywood (Co. Down) with the love of her life her husband Ivor and her family of Chihuahuas where she continues to involve herself in the world of modelling as well as being an accomplished dog trainer.

  • Full of pictures from Patience's past and career
  • From celebrity stories to tales of romance
  • Published by Excalibur Press
  • Also available on Amazon

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What others think of Patience Bradley's book Where Do You Go To My Lovely!

“It was one of the joys of my life to work with Patience on compiling this book.  She is genuinely funny, kind and beautiful.  My only problem was in deciding which stories to include, as she has such a fund of entertaining, emotional and uplifting stories about her life both on and off the catwalk.”

Jane E. M. Crosbie

Editor of Where Do You Go To My Lovely

"Patience Bradley has had a life that people only dream of.  From rubbing shoulders with celebrities in the high echelons of London society life.
"But there was a darker side to the industry, behind the glitz and glamour Patience was a young woman trying to find her way in the world."

Tina Calder

Publisher, Excalibur Press

“This is a colourful book of colourful stories and that's really what Patience is all about.  Bringing colour into people's lives."

Walter Love


"As a local family business we enjoy helping local people promote their success stories. We stock a range of books written by local people and about the local area and we are happy to be the first stockists of Patience Bradley's memoirs."

Robin Mercer

Owner, Hillmount Nursery

“Patience Bradley has lived the celebrity lifestyle despite a traumatic childhood which could have left her bitter.  However, ultimately her life story is inspiring and one about survival and finding long-lasting love.  She is a wonderful woman.”

Stephanie Bell

Journalist, Belfast Telegraph


Robin Elliott

Boradcaster, Downtown Radio

“When I decided to write this memoir I imagined that it was a chat with a friend over a coffee.
These are the tales and stories from back stage and the limelight.
I was very fortunate to mingle and get to know many celebrities, but that work came at a cost to my health.”

Patience Bradley

Author: Where Do You Go To My Lovely

Where Do You Go To My Lovely

by Patience Bradley

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What you will read in the book !

The circumstances of my birth were filled with drama; I obviously decided to start as I meant to go on.

Chapter 1 |

Let's start at the very beginning

In the early days I was quite naive about business and some people did take advantage of this naivety.

Chapter 3 |

What is modelling anyway?

He turned out to be a lovely and strangely attractive man.  Not conventionally good looking he had great charm, which I always think, makes up for so much.

Chapter 3 | 

What is modelling anyway?

He barely lifted his eyes up to greet me and spent the rest of the time chatting with his friends.

Chapter 4 

Swinging London

Suddenly there was the most fantastic, blood-curdling shriek and I glanced round just in time to see the security person leaping backwards away from Jane's open bag.

Chapter 5 |

Sex, drugs and rock & roll

We were all young, many of us were actresses, dancers or models and the flats were always full of people.

Chapter 6 |


One night I arrived to find a crowd of photographers and journalists camped on the pavement outside the door.

Chapter 6 | 


Ali was the perfect gentleman and, other than a chaste kiss on the cheek at the end of the night, never made any sort of advance towards me.

Chapter 7 |

Ali and other admirers

More from inside Where Do You Go To My Lovely by Patience Bradley

"At the end of the meal he reached into his pocket and produced another jewelers box.  My heart dived into my boots."

Chapter 7

Ali and other admirers

Althought my dancing on TV was a very small part of my life I remain very proud of it."

Chapter 9

Legs & Co and Top Of The Pops

"I wasn't really keen to get married just then but thought that it wouldn't do any harm to at least get engaged."

Chapter 10


"One of my guiding principles in buying cars has been to never buy a brand new one."

Chapter 11


"As we raced towards what I was convinced was our certain death I tried to work out what to do for the best."

Chapter 11


"I can still hear the familiar booming voice of Ian Paisley, echoing down the phone at me."

Chapter 12

Ian Paisley's Number Plate

Where Do You Go To My Lovely

By Patience Bradley

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